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Kerana ku xtahan sgt nak pakai line Maxis yg semakin hari semakin menekan aku..So aku ingat nk switch my number tu ke DiGi..I will follow u...hehehe
Actually dulu memg aku pakai DiGi ni. Murah pun murah, tp kerana ade 3 nombo and xckup henset, so aku terpaksa la mengorbankan no aku tu...cantik tau no aku tu: 016-7040462. Tp tu sume tinggal sejarah, dh de org len pakai no tu pun bile aku try call...sedey seh

Berikut adalah cara2 senang nak switch to DiGi...Sgt lah mudah, hanya 8 steps je tau. This month gak aku nk tukar ke DiGi...xsabarnyaaaa

Choose Postpaid or Prepaid
Decide whether you want to switch to DiGi Postpaid or DiGi Prepaid. Don't worry - it's easy to switch plans if you change your mind later.

Make sure you have no commitments

Your request to switch to DiGi may be rejected by your current service provider if you have any overdue bills or are tied to a contract.

Make sure your mobile number is currently active
Do not cancel your current Postpaid or Prepaid service and ensure that your line stays active.

Submit your request to DiGi

Just visit any selected DiGi outlet and bring along your identification documents (MyKAD / Passport). You can also do submit your request here online at

Get your DiGi SIM card
You will be given a new DiGi SIM card immediately after submitting your request through a DiGi outlet. If your request is made through our website, we will deliver the SIM card to your door step.

We're on it!
We will do our best to complete your switch to DiGi within 24 hours. You can always follow up on your request by calling 016 221 1800.

Replace your SIM card

You must replace your SIM card with your new DiGi SIM card as soon as your current line stops working.

Start using your line on DiGi
You will receive a welcome SMS from DiGi and you can start to use your line immediately.

So, ape lagi, bertukar lah ke DiGi anda...supaya anda leh berjoget2 cam pakcik kuning tu....

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.::WaNiE::. said... Reply To This Comment


no komen mmg kadang2 maxis buat perangai


i'll stay .. sbb ada backup no. celcom juge hahahaha

be@r-d0t said... Reply To This Comment

aida ade ketiga2 nya skali...tu yg campur aduk pakai no..tu yg tuga2 no ade tu...hehehe

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